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Put Your HR-Marketing Partnership to Work

It's not as simple as "HR needs to be more like Marketing."  HR and Marketing need one another. It’s a duo everyone's been talking about for years.  And now that employer brand and employee...

Know your Audience: 5 Tips for Identifying Employee Benefits Needs

When it comes to designing an effective benefits program, it all begins with knowing your audience.  But that’s not an easy task for HR professionals today, who are responsible for meeting the needs...

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7 Ways Consumerism is Changing the Workplace

Choice. Transparency. Personalization. Immediacy.  The benefits of being a modern-day consumer. We live in a world where we get exactly what we want faster than we ever imagined possible, while our...

Employee Stories: How Care Benefits Shaped My Career as a Working Mom

I had my first child while working at my first job - as a buyer for Filene's in Boston. My husband and I had recently moved to Massachusetts as newlyweds, away from most of our family and close...

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People, Partners and Tech: Your Formula for Boosting Benefits Utilization

There’s magic in threes.  And when it comes to developing a successful benefits utilization strategy, your people, partners and technology all hold key roles.     Utilization begins with effective...

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Put it on Blast: Maximize HR Communication Channels for Higher Utilization

The following post is the final article in a guest-authored, three-part series exploring how to leverage benefits programs to attract, retain and engage top talent.  Organizations spend a lot of...

Mollie Lombardi
By    Mollie Lombardi

Topics:   Employee Benefits

These Organizations are Making Senior Care Benefits Work

The competition is on: employers who offer high quality, affordable care options for employees’  loved ones are winning – and retaining - more top talent. And while more and more organizations now...

Keep the Love Alive: Managing Stress Before it Impacts Performance

The following post is the second in a guest-authored, three-part series exploring how to leverage benefits programs to attract, retain, and engage top talent.  In my last blog, I talked about how...

Mollie Lombardi
By    Mollie Lombardi

More Company Culture, Less Burnt Burgers: 9 Summer Outing Makeovers

Dear Standard-Issue Summer Outing, It’s not you. It’s me.  Year after year, you deliver on your promise of thanking our employees with a muggy afternoon of requisite horseshoes, volleyball and...

Topics:   Corporate Culture

10 Companies Making Care Benefits Work

Every company has a unique employee population with unique benefits needs, but almost all of them have someone at home to take care of.  According to research from the National Alliance for...

Topics:   Employee Benefits

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