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SlideShare: The Keys to a Killer Company Culture

Posted by Patrick Ball on 13 Mar 2015
Find the keys to a killer company culture

Having a killer company culture has nothing to do with pool tables and beer fridges. There -- we said it. 

Company culture isn't just some catchy buzzword businessfolk started kicking around during the 90s.

Culture has always been a thing. It just wasn't always called that. 

Variously described as work environment, mission, values and by plenty of other names, company culture remains a living, breathing manifestation of all of these things. And more.

But still, company culture remains a bit of a mystery. An "I know it when I see it" kind of concept sometimes difficult to articulate and measure.

Here, we'll explore how successful organizations define, cultivate and evolve culture through leadership, transparency and effective employer branding. 

Click through the SlideShare to find the answers to some of your burning questions about organizational culture, including:

  • How do you set the stage for your company's culture?
  • What's the difference between culture and employer brand?
  • What role does culture play in the employee lifecycle?


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