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What Are Your Biggest Challenges Around Work and Family?

Posted by Patrick Ball on 20 Oct 2015

use the hashtag #WorkAndFamily to join the conversation

You’ve heard it said many times, by many people: The way our modern families work and live are not supported by most of our existing programs and policies. But what are the biggest challenges around work and family that working moms, dads, sons and daughters face? 

In recognition of National Work and Family Month,’s Director of Public Policy Avra Siegel and Latifa Lyles, director of the Women’s Bureau at the Department of Labor, will host a Twitter Q & A at 2 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

Tweet your questions using the hashtag #WorkAndFamily and join the conversation. Get more details below and be sure to come back for a wrap-up of the conversation. 

#WorkAndFamily Challenges

Parental leave has been top-of-mind lately, on the heels of a summer in which company after company announced expansions of paid maternity and paternity leave policies. But our working families need more than paid parental leave.

Finding quality, affordable child care is a challenge for many working moms and dads, who need child care to be able to work and need to work to be able to afford child care. A growing population of men and women are finding themselves in the “Sandwich Generation,” meaning they’re providing some level of care for children and aging loved ones.  

Flexibility, access to child care (and elder care) and family leave are supports that our working families need to succeed.

WHAT: Twitter Q & A in which Director of Public Policy Avra Siegel and Latifa Lyles, director of the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau will answer your questions about paid leave, child care and flexible work. 

TELL ME MORE: OK. Avra Siegel will take over's @caredotcom handle and Latifa Lyles will take over the Department of Labor's @USDOL handle ... and they'll be answering questions submitted by real working families. Join the conversation by following @caredotcom or @USDOL or by following the hashtag #WorkAndFamily.

WHEN: 2 p.m. this Wednesday, Oct. 21, but you can start asking your questions now. 

HOW DO I PARTICIPATE: Tweet your questions using the hashtag #WorkAndFamily




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