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10 of This Week’s Best Work-Life Reads: From Parental Leave to Taylor Swift

Patrick Ball on October 16, 2015 12:02 PM

Got an eclectic mix for you this week.

The presidential parental leave debate, Funny Dad Twitter and Taylor Swift – yes, really – all make cameos in our latest round up of work-life reads that are totally worth your time.

Take a look. Enjoy. And, as always, share your favorite work-life reads from the week in the comments below.

  1.  @manwhohasitall
    If subverting gender norms is your jam, then you’re already following @manwhohasitall. We came across this parody account this week and can’t get enough of the “top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood.”
    The tweets are by turns hilarious:  
    And deceptively inspirational (or is it aspirational. IDK.): 


  2. “Who’s Responsible for Your Uber Driver’s Health Coverage?”
    This NPR piece wades into the mire of providing health insurance and stability for the millions of temps, contractors and freelancers who we lump together as the “gig economy.” Questions about responsibility, scale and classifications abound. Definitely check out the full article here. 
  1. “Right Now Is the Time to Have the ‘Kids and Career’ Talk With Your Partner” 
    Anne-Marie Slaughter’s onslaught of on-point pieces about work, life, parenthood and success continued this week on Facebook, where the New America president and CEO explained the importance of having the sometimes difficult conversation about kids and career. See it here

  2. “Linklaters Seeks Work-Life Balance Ideas In-House”
    A piece on Bloomberg BNA introduces the novel approach Linklaters, a global law firm, is taking to improving work-life balance for its attorneys and staff: crowdsourcing. Earlier this week, the firm kicked off a 72-hour effort called “The Jam,” in which employees could propose, debate and chat about solutions to improving work-life balance globally across the firm.

  3. “5 Inspiring Lessons From TED Talks on How to Have a Happier Life” This from offers all the insights from five fabulous TED talks with only half the danger of falling into the vortex of TED. (You know, that moment when you look up and realize you’ve spent 87 minutes on YouTube.) Check 'em out here. 

  4. “Taylor Swift Teaches Us a Very Valuable Lesson About Self-Care and Burnout”
    Levo League – no, not The Onion – delivers us this kernel from T.Swizzle’s NME cover story. Says the pop star, “I think I should take some time off. I think people might need a break from me. I’m going to … I don’t know. Hangout with my friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don’t know.” Levo’s take is that Swift is on the heels of a major work milestone – her 1989 album, et al – and deserves the change to take a rest and recharge. Those are #SquadGoals we can all get behind. Get the story here

  5. “Maybe Don’t Be So Smug About Your Long Hours at the Office”
    NY Mag’s smart and sharp “Science of Us” blog aggregates studies and papers to reinforce the emerging assessment that Corporate America overvalues overwork. Basically, the societal conflation of working long and hard with doing a good job (read: getting stuff done, and done well) is misleading and problematic. Read the article here.

  6. “The Future of Work: The Technology Industry is Changing the Rules”
    In one of the latest installments in Pacific Standard’s excellent exploration of the changing workplace, Margaret O’Mara writes that our “future of work and workers is being made in Silicon Valley,” as a century ago the Auto Industry “turned the business world upside down.” Give it a read.

  7. “The Business Case for Helping New Moms Pump at Work”
    This piece on Fast Company’s “Second Shift” section explains the connection between workplace supports for new moms returning to work and employee retention. The real eye-opener: “Companies with lactation support programs have been shown to retain nursing employees at a rate of 94 percent.”  Get the full story here.

  8. “’An International Embarrassment’ – Bernie on US Parental Leave in #DemDebate”
    If you watched the Tuesday’s debate among Democratic presidential candidates – or even if you didn’t – you know by now that parental leave and gender equality were talking points for the candidates. Here, The Street invited work-life experts to weigh in on the candidates’ calls for reform. Read more.


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