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8 Things Employers Need to Know About Millennial Moms

Liz Taurasi on July 08, 2015 04:09 PM

You know Millennials value work-life integration in their careers, and a successful fit is even more important for the working moms of this generation. 

It’s all about aligning both their professional and personal lives so they can co-exist, or even blend together to get the best of both worlds without stagnating careers or missing out on valued family time. 

From new parent support groups to transition plans, unlimited vacation and more, today’s working moms – read: Millennial moms – expects more flexibility from employers than generations before. 

If you want to retain your top young female talent, keep in mind these eight things Millennial moms expect of their employers. 

  1. More Paid Maternity Leave
    Paid maternity leave is still not the norm with only about 13 percent of employees having access to paid parental leave. Currently the Family Medical Leave Act – known as FMLA – offers 12 weeks of unpaid job protection for some employees, depending on company size and length of employment.
    The lack of paid leave is a huge concern for new moms, who want to take time to bond and recover after child birth, but must balance those desires with what their family can afford. The Millennial moms we spoke to want more time off, and with some level of replacement pay.

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  2. Transition Plans
    Maternity leave is only the beginning though. Today’s working moms are looking to their employers to help develop plans to help transition their projects and responsibilities before going out on leave, as well as reintegrating upon their return.
    A successful transition plan should not only include coverage plans for projects and responsibilities, but also any accommodations the employee or employer will make upon her return, such as a work from home day or other flexible arrangement.

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  3. More Flexibility Over When and Where They Work
    Whether it’s control over their own schedule or the ability to work from home, Millennial moms are looking for more flexibility and freedom with their schedules. The freedom to have some control over when and where they work allows moms – and working dads, too – to get their work done on their own schedules, which meshes well with balancing the needs of their families.
    When it comes to working from home, it’s not just about being able to take calls from the couch while in pajamas. It also cuts down on commute times and can even lead to parents working longer hours because they’re not leaving early to beat traffic and make it to day care pickup.

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  4. A Social Contract With Their Employer
    A common knock on Millennials is that they’re not loyal, that they job hop just because. Not true. This generation of young talent can be loyal as the day is long … as long as they feel valued. It’s a kind of reciprocity, a social contract between employer and employee, that they’re looking for. When Millennial moms are passionate about their work and believe their employer is invested in them, they return that investment in spades.

  5. Help Finding an Extra Set of Hands
    The search for quality, reliable child care is a tough one for all parents, and Millennial moms say help finding child care is another big thing they are looking for from their employers. But it’s not just child care. Progressive employers are turning to services like’s Workplace Solutions benefits to connect employees with solutions for all of their work-life needs, from nannies and after-school sitters to dog-walkers and housekeepers.

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  6. Ongoing Performance Assessments
    Employee engagement is super important with young employees. Millennials, in particular, are hungry for feedback, performance assessment and professional development opportunities. The working moms in this generation are no exception.
    In fact, when one in five new moms are still quitting their jobs around the birth of a child, these assessments can be critical in terms of helping a valued employee see her future with your organization. If a new mom is on the fence about returning after maternity leave, seeing how she can grow in her career can be an effective retention tool.

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  1. Breastfeeding Support
    As a new mom who is breastfeeding, we know you are entitled to a clean, safe, private place to pump. Millennial moms expect more than a bathroom stall with a key when it comes pumping. By going beyond the bare minimum, it demonstrates your organization is invested in being family-friendly workplace that cares about its employees.

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  2. Affinity Groups
    Affinity groups are a big win for Millennial moms. Because what better way to navigate the challenges of being a working Millennial mom, than to be able to get together with others to help you navigate through this stage of their lives?

    Having a support group at work with other new moms experiencing the joys, and at times stresses, of having a new baby can make all the difference when you are navigating parenthood and being a working mom for the first time. A support system at work is always a plus for new parents balancing both career and family.
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