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Are you in Higher Ed? Key HR Resources You Might be Overlooking

Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan on April 11, 2017 10:15 AM

What’s better in the daily deluge of information we receive than the arrival of a relevant “best of” list?

Not much. Especially one that includes off-the-radar information that helps you do your job better – a bookmark-worthy best-of.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of resources for HR professionals in higher education – one to help you broaden and build your best, most relevant information arsenal.  It includes higher education blogs you might be missing, sources for top news and headlines, plus some associations worth a second look.

Out-of-the-box blogs 
You’ve probably already subscribed to CUPA-HR’s Workplace blog, as well as many of the top-rated, general HR blogs, but here are some out-of-the-box ideas worth making room for:

  • As part of their mission to serve up all-things newsworthy in the realm of higher education, Inside Higher Ed publishes an impressive collection of blogs with perspectives from just about every facet of higher education.  Our HR-relevant favorites includes Mama PHd – a blog about mothers trying to balance work and parenthood in academia, StratEDgy – focused on innovation, strategy and competitiveness in universities and colleges, and Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education – dedicated to exploring the best ways to market and communicate about the higher education experience. Eric Stoller’s Blog is also a great place for understanding the most current issues (and solutions) facing colleges and universities today. Eric is also active on LinkedIn and worth following.

  • The Association for Talent Development publishes a blog specifically for the higher education community that explores topics including leadership development at colleges and universities, how to navigate the world of university and corporate partnerships, and ways to apply team and other organizational concepts in academia.

  • When it comes to being a better HR marketer and communicator, and ultimately, boosting employee engagement and benefits utilization rates at your institution, you’ll definitely glean some applicable tips from these well-known, respected marketing blogs: HubSpot, IMPACT, MarketingProfs, Knowledge Bank, Seth Godin and Hootsuite.

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Noteworthy news outlets (traditional and non-traditional)
Add these news outlets to your start of the workday/headlines round-up/first cup of coffee consumption ritual:

  • For the top headlines, research and trends in higher education, The Chronicle of Higher Education is unparalleled. One recent HR-geared article, entitled, “Want Happier Professors? Try Being Nice,” looks at the importance of organizational culture in the retention of faculty, and another focuses on Gender in the Job Interview, and the role it plays in limiting the number of women making it to top leadership roles in higher education.

  • EvoLLLution is another great news resource written for and by those seeking non-traditional, innovative perspectives in higher education. In their own words, “we publish articles and interviews by individuals across the postsecondary space sharing their insights on higher education and their opinions on what the future holds for the industry.”

  • You may already know HigherEdJobs as a leading online recruitment tool in academia.  Each year, they connect millions of prospective staff and faculty with thousands of advertising colleges and universities.  But, they also publish compelling news, current research and insightful perspectives for employers. Their Career News section includes articles written by their expert Author-in-Residence, as well as respected academics and industry professionals.  Recent articles like "Navigating Organizational Change," and "Overcoming Reactive Behaviors When Responding to Employee Concerns," take this site from an effective recruitment tool, to an invaluable source for designing a comprehensive employee acquisition, engagement and retention strategy.

Associations worth a second look
Your association membership list likely already includes the usual HR suspects (like SHRM and NHRA), as well as those associations dedicated to human resources management in higher education (like CUPA-HR and CUWFA). Consider adding memberships to (or simply, utilizing the websites, training and resources offered by) the following associations:

  • National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO):
    Representing more than 2,100 colleges and universities across the U.S., the NACUBO is dedicated to “advancing the economic viability, business practices and support for higher education in the fulfillment of their missions.” In a time when HR professionals are called to be well-versed leaders, better understanding each area of their organizations and how it functions, this association makes perfect sense for those in higher ed. In addition to offering access to relevant white papers, research and surveys, they publish a quarterly e-newsletter, HR Horizons, focused exclusively on human resources issues and policies as they relate to larger, strategic decisions for higher education institutions.

  • Association for Talent Development (ATD):
    With a member area dedicated exclusively to the higher education community, the ATD is a great place to access resources relevant to creating and nurturing talent development.  Between their blog, research, newsletters and training offerings, you’ll find material relevant to developing strong leaders in your faculty and staff, while enabling the trickle-down effect to incorporating leadership concepts in the classroom.   

  • National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE):
    While NACE is an association dedicated to connecting employers with college recruits (and the career services departments that help support them), it provides valuable information for HR professionals within higher educationas well. NACE's Center for Career Development and Talent Acquisition offers relevant research, career development resources, as well as leadership and onboarding training in a variety of forums.

Building and maintaining a current HR information arsenal for higher education takes work. We hope this list has saved you both time – and work – in the process. And maybe even earned a bookmark along the way. 

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