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Infographic: Do You Have What It Takes to be a Best Place to Work?

Allison Glushanok on February 13, 2015 07:57 AM

Every year you hear about the companies that made the list – the annual lists announcing the Best Places to Work. But why is being a great workplace important? 

First off, it helps with recruiting -- a great workplace attracts great talent. Prospective employees aren’t just looking at salaries anymore, and elements such as company culture, professional development, employee benefits and work-life balance are more important than ever. Investing in these aspects will give you a leg up on competition and allow you to recruit the best talent available.

Being a great workplace will also benefit employee performance and improve your bottom line. Research has shown that great places to work have lower turnover, more engaged employees, and better financial performance than industry peers.

Do you have what it takes to be a best place to work? Check out our infographic to see for yourself. 

The recipe to becoming a great workplace is a simple one ... if you have the right ingredients, such as: 

  • A distinct organizational culture, built on genuine values

  • High employee engagement 

  • A mission that your workers can get behind

  • Regular, effective communication of goals and feedback

  • Autonomy for employeees to innovate and contribute 

  • Genuine celebrations of successes and employees who go above and beyond

  • Support for career development and work-life integration

Read on to see how these elements can make your organization a great place to work -- and how being an employer of choice benefits your bottom line.