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Stop Hiring Jerks: 10 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Cultural Fit

Patrick Ball on February 17, 2015 10:50 AM

You know the type: The prized recruit who comes in with ideas out the wazoo and not an ounce of tact. In the interview phase, he was on his best behavior. But you know how it plays out:  Once he’s hired, your talented team gets frustrated, your new hire flames out after a few months -- and you’re starting from scratch. 

Why? Because he didn’t fit the company culture.

Hiring quality employees doesn’t have to be so hard. You just have let your culture be your guide. And not in some hippy-dippy way – we’re talking about getting granular with your applicant tracking systems and ascribing values to behavioral questions. 

Take advantage of these 10 simple steps to improve your recruiting and interviewing strategies, and make sure your next hire is a perfect fit for your company culture.

  • Understand your organizational culture
  • Design your a hiring pyramid
  • Craft candidate personas
  • Get granular with your job description
  • Leverage your employer brand
  • Tap into employee networks
  • Look beyond the paper resume
  • Cultivate candidate experience
  • Ask probing questions
  • Train well and trust your gut

In the rat race to find and hire the best possible talent, it can be tempting to fast track the candidates who have resumes rich with technical skills. But you’d be wise to take a beat and consider whether these candidates truly fit your organizational culture. Because when you overlook cultural fit, a paper tiger can very quickly turn into a bull in a china shop.

Don’t jump blindly into the talent pool. Take a deep dive into hiring for cultural fit by downloading our free guide.   

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