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Top 20 HR Groups to Join on LinkedIn

Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan on May 25, 2017 10:30 AM

We all just want to belong, right?

Fortunately, the digital world provides endless opportunities to do so, both personally and professionally.

And when it comes to belonging to groups on LinkedIn, there are thousands for HR professionals to choose from.  The difficult task is mining those options for the most relevant, the most helpful, and the most innovative.    

We've assembled a comprehensive list of the top groups across general HR practice, as well as those dedicated specifically to talent, leadership and wellness. Plus, a few more to expand your knowledge, generate ideas and provide inspiration.  

Cross-check this list against your current groups, and hopefully, you’ll find a few new ones to add to the roster.

General HR

Linked: HR

Members: 972K+
Snapshot: Linked: HR is the largest HR professional group on LinkedIn, with nearly one million members.  Professionals across all HR disciplines gather in this forum to discuss all matters HR, whether it’s employee benefits, recruiting and retention, diversity, employment law, organizational development, safety and more.  They also operate several affiliated groups, including a Compensation & Benefits forum.
Open to: Any HR professional.

HR Professionals powered by HRCI and HRPA
Members: 307K+
Snapshot: An extremely active group, HR Professionals includes members from varied geographies, industries and disciplines. Their “conversations” section facilitates peer knowledge and experience sharing, and their “jobs” section is fast becoming a top resource for HR-specific openings.  Their membership rate is growing by an average 100 new members a day.  
Open to: All HR professionals.
Members: 299K+
Snapshot: This group is connected to, a site dedicated to helping organizations harness the power of their people.  Members come from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience on best practices across all HR disciplines, as well as industry news and trends.
Open to:  All HR professionals, as well as anyone interested in the study and practice of HR.

Human Resources (HR) Professionals
Members: 201K+
Snapshot: A group managed by the publication, HR Dive, this is an informal networking group where current trends and issues affecting workforce management are discussed.
Open to: All HR professionals.

SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) Official Group
Members: 179K+
Snapshot: The official group of SHRM, this forum is an extension of the association’s core mission to be the global leader in serving and advancing the HR professional through “education, thought leadership, certification, community and advocacy.”
Open to: SHRM members.

TLNT – The Business of HR
Members: 13K+
Snapshot: A discussion group managed by (ERE Media), this forum focuses on discussions and peer sharing on “talent management, benefits, compensation, training, development, organizational development and legal issues.” 
Open to: All HR professionals.


The Network
Members: 823K+
Snapshot: Managed by, this group is the “#1 LinkedIn Recruitment and Career Networking Social Media Group.” This forum shares news and trends in recruiting, staffing and general employment news. 
Open to: HR professionals, recruiters and job seekers.

Human Resources (HR) and Talent Management Executives
Members: 400K+
Snapshot: A well-moderated forum that keeps its members up to date on all the latest talent management news, analysis and opinions.
Open to: HR professionals, talent management professionals worldwide.

Human Resources Management and Executive Network
Members: 67K+
Snapshot: A forum to help HR leaders connect and exchange information about the key issues affecting HR. Also includes current HR management job openings.
Open to: HR Leaders (Manager to VP level).

TalentCulture – Social World of Work
Members: 2K+
Snapshot: A group of professionals from around the world discussing topics including talent acquisition, retention and employer brand strategies, as well as the role of HR technologies and tools, and how they help empower the workforce.
Open to: All HR professionals, as well as any professionals interested in talent, culture and HR technology.


Whole-Hearted Leadership
Members: 42K+
Snapshot: Run by The New York Times bestselling author and Forbes columnist, Kevin Kruse, this group discusses news and issues on a variety of topics including leadership, talent management, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion and employee communication.
Open to: HR professionals and all business leaders who want their teams to realize their full potential.

Inspirational People Development Network
Members: 27K+
Snapshot: This group seeks to build better leaders by sharing relevant leadership news, as well as inspirational knowledge and experience. 
Open to: All professionals interested in creating and being stronger leaders.

Linked: HR - HR Leadership Forum
Members: 7K+
Snapshot: An affiliated group of Linked: HR, the HR Leadership Forum focuses on leadership and other strategic topics that affect senior HR professionals, including mergers and acquisitions, culture, partnerships with other business units, and how to be an effective leader.
Open to: Senior HR practitioners (10+ years’ experience).


Corporate Health and Wellness Association, Corporate Wellness, Worksite Wellness
Members: 58K+
Snapshot: In their own words, this is a group “dedicated to those involved in corporate health wellness, corporate fitness and nutrition, population health management, worksite wellness, and medical wellness.”
Open to:  HR professionals, as well as any other professionals connected to corporate health and wellness.

Benefits and Health and Welfare Professionals
Members: 41K+
Snapshot: This group is dedicated to the discussion of employee benefits, corporate wellness, healthcare, insurance, healthcare reform, human resources and other benefits.
Open to: HR professionals (recommended executive level), as well as insurance executives, accountants, attorneys and actuaries.

Wellness in the Workplace
Members: 10K+
Snapshot: Dedicated to discussing all things wellness in the workplace, as well as how to create a culture of wellness at your organization.
Open to: HR professionals, as well as C-level executives, business owners and wellness practitioners.

Boston College Center for Work and Family
Members: <1K
Snapshot: This group provides the most current, innovative and relevant academic research to organizations dedicated to creating more balanced, effective workplaces and greater work-life balance.  Their work helps to promote the overall wellness of employees and their families.
Open to: HR professionals, organizational leaders.

More Ideas and Inspiration

Harvard Business Review
Members: 999K+, in addition to 400K+ followers
Snapshot: In their own words, this world-renowned publication “provides professionals around the world with rigorous insights and best practices to lead themselves and their organizations more effectively to make a positive impact.”
Open to: Group Membership is currently not open to new members as it has been capped at 1 million. Any LinkedIn member can follow the Harvard Business Review

The Emotional Intelligence Network
Members: 99K+
Snapshot:  Dedicated to the theory that “being smart with feelings is essential to effectively leading,” the Emotional Intelligence Network connects professionals across all areas of organizational and professional performance. It provides a forum where challenges, solutions and opportunities are shared with a goal to raise both the awareness and the effectiveness of emotional intelligence in the workplace.
Open to: All professionals dedicated to personal and organizational performance management. 

re: Work with Google
Followers: 24K+
Snapshot: Direct knowledge, insight and experience from the HR leaders at Google, along with the sharing of leading research, news, opinions and issues affecting the workplace. 
Open to: Not a formal LinkedIn group, Google’s HR “arm” is open to any LinkedIn member who would like to follow them, and individuals are invited to formally join the conversation at #makeworkbetter.

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Heidi Erdmann-Sullivan

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